General Rules

§1. Servers’ availability

KDR servers are completely free to use and are hold from user’s donations. So no influences or profits can be claimed due to the donation. Servers’ administration takes no responsibility for lags, blocked ports or eAthena bugs. Administration is not obligated to compensate losses due to software or hardware crashes (lags, freezes, rollbacks) or account sharing (stolen items due to the password sharing). Those rules might be changed. The change will be followed with an annoucement on the server’s main site or in game.

§2. Disclaimer

Administration takes no responsibility for players obscene, vulgar or racist behaviour. However administration will do everything to punish that players.

§3. Botting/hacking

It is completely forbidden to use any programs, except KDR client, like third party programs, packet senders, modified clients, macros etc. Hardware is forbidden as well.
§3.1 Exploiting
It is completely forbidden to use in game bugs and spread information about them. All bugs should be reported to the administration immediately.

§4. Accounts

§4.1. Users
Owner of the e-mail address entered during account registration is considered to be the account user. It is not possible to change that e-mail address. User is responsible for securing his or her account with a safe password, securing the password, e-mail address, computer and network. Account sharing is allowed, but user is responsible for all actions taken on the account.
§4.2. Multiclient (MC)
Playing using multiple accounts simultaniously is allowed.
§4.3. Illegal Trade (IT)
It is completely forbidden to trade accounts for zeny, items, another accounts or non-virtual goods (like money). Trading items is legal only for zeny or items from the same server. Trading items or zeny for items, zeny on other server or non-virtual goods will be punished. KDR and Dark KDR are treated as separate servers.
§4.4. Changes
No account changes will be made, until the account user will send an e-mail to the administration. Sex, characters slots, classes, logins or e-mail adresses will not be changed.

§5. Support

See support page for detailed information.

§6. Rights and obligations

All players are equal to the rules of server. In case of a problem, that hasn’t been listed in rules below, the administration will announce the final decision.
§6.1. Orders
GM may give orders to players. Players may take screenshot, when GM will give them any order. If player will find the order as an abuse, it should be reported. If a GM will try to abuse players, he will be punished. If a player will not follow GM’s orders (and they will be completely legal), he will be punished with permanent ban.
§6.2. Player disputies
GM doesn’t have to give any reason of punishing a player. Players may send their complaint to administration. The decision made by them will be final.

Game Rules

§1. In-game laguage

Official languages of KDR servers are polish and english.
§1.1. Offending
Using offensive, obscene language and all forms of harrasment are forbidden. However it may be used in guild or party chats. If you are in guild or party where vulgar and offensive language is used, that means you accept it. If you don’t, leave party or guild.
§1.2. Offensive names and nicknames
It is forbidden to use vulgar and offensive nicknames, guild ranks, party names or guild names. Using non-alphabetical signs instead of single letters in order to use ‘pseudo-censorship’ will be also found as offensive.

§2. Impersonation

It is forbidden to pretend to be another player, GM or developer. Is is also forbidden to use words like: GM, server, admin in nicknames, party names, guild names, guild ranks etc. Official nomenclature is GM = Game Master and GL = Guild Leader, but it is allowed to use shortcuts GM (Guild Master), vGM (vice Guild Master) in guild ranks if they mean guild position.

§3. Spam/flood

Spamming and flooding is forbidden. Constantly begging for items, zeny, buff, warps etc. is also considered as spam.

§4. Kill-stealing

Kill-stealing, czyli podjęcie walki z mobem, z którym walczy inny gracz jest dozwolone. Do dyspozycji graczy jest komenda @noks, która chroni zaatakowane przez gracza moby przed atakami innych.
Boss monsters (MVP) are FFA monsters.
It is allowed to mob as many monsters as you wish.

§5. Looting

§6. Mob-trailing

It is forbidden to lure monsters to another players.

§7. Skill abusing

It is forbidden to use skills in order to abuse other players, or disturb other players’ game.
§7.1. Examples
Like healing or buffing monsters. Using Safety Walls or Pneumas on them, blocking the way with Ice Wall, using Endow or BSS, skill spamming in cities, using Absort Spirits or Steal skill on mob attacked by another player, summoning mobs near warps and on castle maps during WoE hours, using Plant Cultivation and Azoth or Hylozoist card in order to summon mobs, using Ganbatein to remove warps. These rules don’t apply to GvG and PvP maps. On Dark KDR all maps outisde the cities are PvP.
§7.2. GvG and PvP maps
On all PvP and GvG maps with experience loss (Guild Dungeons etc.), it is forbidden to use res-killing (Ressurecting player and immediatly killing again).
§7.3. WoE
It is forbidden to steal guild emblems, use cursor as emblem, or use transparent emblems.
§7.4. More
Any other attempts to break or abuse server rules will be punished.

§8. Vending


It is forbidden to scam, when trading items, like: selling refined and non-refined items with similiar price, selling slotted and non-slotted items with similiar price etc.

Final remarks

§1. „Ignorantia Juris Nocet”

Rules are shown in public and can be read by anyone. If you don’t know the rules and you break them, it’s just your fault, and you will not avoid punishment.

§2. „Dura lex, sed lex”

Any case of breaking the rules or trying to avoid them will be also punished. Any abuse done during the game, which hasn’t been listed here, can be also punished, after adminitration’s intervention. Cases not covered by these rules are resolved at GM’s discretion.

§3. Future changes

Any rule can be changed or added in the future. Any change will be announced on server’s main site.

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