KDR and Dark KDR are private Ragnarok Online servers. We’re the biggest and oldest RO server in Poland, running since 2004.

The unique translation system we created, allowed us to make all NPCs bilingual. You may select preffered language in-game. With this system and new bilingual website we decided to open for international community in August 2008.

Our dedicated servers are hosted in Germany.

KDR is our low-rate (7/7/6 and MVP 7/7/3 and bio3 7/7/2) server. It’s been wiped and started anew in June 2009 and since then we’re aiming for stability, long-life and all the settings, players want. If you’re tired with all these imbalanced or badly implemented features known from other servers that force them to close once in a while, you won’t be disappointed.

Dark KDR is high-rate (100/100/500).  It has all standard features one would expect from high-rate server: job changer, warpra, healer etc. But it is also a PK server.

If you like our servers please consider supporting us. All donated money goes for covering expenses of running servers in upcoming months.

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