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UTF 4 – final preparations

Tomorrow at 19:00 an NPC responsible for registration of team members for the UTF tournament will disappear. After that time it will be impossible to make anny corrections concerning your team. As far as the location of tomorrow’s meeting is concerned, nothing has changed since our first news. The teams have to be present on Saturday at 20:00 by the Buddah and Tiger statue in Louyang.

Unleash the Fury IV

textThe leader has ordered his mighty warriors to ready themselves for a battle fierce and bloody, as the news of enemy legions approaching has reached them. And so the fighters in their divisions mounted their birds, that were brought along only to be used in battle. At the very beginning of the struggle mages of the enemy, and great many mages our enemy had, twice have showered us with balls of fire, but little could they harm our brave troops, because our wise men managed to prevent the bloodbath by their own means. Those attacking our left wing were met with huge turmoil and a mighty charge of peco in a certain valley in such a way, that the enemy forces from the top and our forces from the top as well, began hacking one another. Other yet part of enemy’s troops, the one fearsome and most experienced in battles, crossed their blades in stunning impact and defening roar with the escort of our leader and after not less then five minutes of fiercest kind of struggle many on both sides lay dead, so that our men were forced to retreat. Suddenly one cunning enemy has reached for his lance and mortaly wounded our leader in the face. Soon though he too lay dead on the blood-soaked soil, as others took him off his peco and massacred. The fallen leader slumped to the ground and in his last breath he whimpered: “Lol, laaaaaaaaag…”

Without further ado – here are the rules:

Unleash the Fury IV is a guild event. 1. Each guild can set up a team consisting of players who’s total amount of points is 1000 at maximum. Below we present a diagram of how many points each player is worth: 1st/2nd Classes/Expanded below 79lvl – 30 points 1st/2nd Classes/Expanded between 80lvl and 89lvl – 50 points 1st/2nd Classes/Expanded between 90lvl and 99lvl – 70 points In case of Rebirth classes the number of points is doubled, so: Rebirth below 79lvl – 60 points Rebirth between 80lvl and 89lvl – 100 points Rebirth between 90lvl and 99lvl – 140 points Homunculus – 70 points A team can consist of maximum 12 players no matter their worth in points. 2. The tournament will be played in Double Elimination system (each guild will have to fight at least twice – the chart of fights in the next news). 16 guilds are allowed to take part (the sequence of applications is decisive). KDR Team reserves the right to give out 2 wild cards, despite the moment in which an application is sent, and also to reject those applications that may disrupt the results of the tournament (e.g. guilds consisting of 1 person). 3. Prizes. Will be given. 4. The date of the tournament – 18.10.2008, 20.00 (those who are taking part are asked to meet in front of the Buddah and Tiger statue in Louyang). 5. Applications. We are waiting for guild invitations until 09.10.2008, 23:59. The sequence of applications is decisive – namely the date at which the application was sent. Applications are sent by Guild Leader to the address (you need to send the application from the same e-mail address to which Guild Leader’s account is regisered). You do NOT include the list of the players on your team in your application. What is allowed and what is not: I. NPC warping to the area of the tournament will remove any restorative items for HP and SP, curing the statuses and kafra cards. The only exception here are alchemists and creators – NPC will allow you to bring in 100 White Potions and 25 Blue Potions. II. You are allowed to use: – Food increasing stats (for the duration of tournament this food will not restore any HP/SP) – elemental converters – potions increasing speed – boxes – resist potions III. At the area of the tournament a GvG flag will be in effect, so the conditions of battles will be similar to those on WoE: – dmg and flee reductions – ressurection will be impossible – cards such as phen or bloody butterfly will not work IV. If for any reason a team is unable to take part in a battle, then it has two options: – fight without some of the players – give up the fight V. In case the players avoid fight for more then 5 minutes, the result of a battle is decided by GM. VI. To avoid GE and problems we ask you to patch the game client regularly and early enough. VII. You are not allowed to bring in your pets to the battle area. VIII. You are to provide your own gems, pots, dp, zeny etc. IX. Vending skill will be blocked at the tournament area. X. From the point where a guild is warped from the waiting area to the battle area it is allowed to cast supportive skills. XI. A battle starts after a signal from a GM. The type of signal will be set in such a way that you will have no doubts about it and will be informed about it beforehand. XII. Any elaborate ways of going around the tounament rules will be punished with all severity. More details soon.