KDR Gauntlet

On September on KDR server, for the first time in its history, a special event Gauntlet type will occur. It will last a bit more than three weeks from 6th till 28th of September. Sincerely we invite everybody to participate: those who are playing on KDR server, those, who were playing here, and brand new players. We hope that you will like it and stay here for good. Present players are encouraged to inform their acquaintance which retired from ragnarok, about the incoming occasion. Perhaps they will come back? Most of you are well aware, what this event is about. There is no doubt that there are some of you that are not, so we prepared a short explanation. What kind of event is this? KDR Gauntlet is a separate server, working in parallel with KDR, but with higher experience rates. Its a perfect occasion to present players to, for three weeks, play on a fresh server, remind yourself how does it feel to fight with Porings near Prontera and gather 1.285.00 zeny to get a rebirth. For new players its an occasion for a faster and more pleasant start, and reaching a level that provides a comfortable gameplay and gathering a decent equipment to fight during the War of Emperium. When the event ends, KDR Gauntlet will be merged with KDR. All new avatars and their belongings will be moved to the main severe, where they will be available for play, with all the present players. How will KDR Gauntlet look like? KDR Gauntlets rates will be count 200% of the original plus 1. In total 7/7/5. Three weeks of this events duration will be parallel to one and a half month of gameplay on the main server. Its a good amount of time to get your characters and guilds ready for the rivalry with KDR players, who play here for a long time. On KDR Gauntlet only one War of Emperium will be held, at the end of the event. More details about the WOE will be given soon. All other settings and rules will be exactly the same as they are on KDR. How to participate? Yo don’t have to do anything extraordinary. All you need is a RO client prepared to play on KDR (details in Download section) and create an account on KDR Gauntlet. The date of availability of creating such accounts will be send to public in a separate news.

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  • Jaa, to ja sobie pogram na tym nowym kdr przez te 3 tygodnie może coś tam wyexpie i spodobają mi się low rate’y…

    Chociaż z moim netem wątpie ^.-

    Ps. Odbanujcie mnie na forum będę grzeczny ;< ..

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